Our classes are designed to build confidence, enhance creativity and promote social and personal well being. Our students will improve their diction, posture, stamina, pitch, rhythm and technique while also developing essential life skills.

Classes are held on a Wednesday. 

Munchkins - 4pm- 5pm (Ages 5-7)

Dreamers- 5pm- 6pm (Ages 8-12)

Wildcats- 6.15 - 7.15  (Ages 13-16)

Ozians- 7.30- 8.30   (Ages 17+)

Every member of the company must audition. Rehearsals begin with 3 classes.

Full cast rehearsals- 6pm-7:30pm.

Times will vary leading up to shows.

£16 per month / £28 for siblings.

Classes operate through term times. Our members will only rehearse through half term breaks if the show falls on the Saturday. 

Musical Theatre

Drama Club is held on a Thursday.

4pm- 5pm - Ages 5+

This class is perfect for anyone who would love to learn all about drama, take on scripts and create their own pieces, with a very relaxed approach and lots of drama games along the way too! £3 per class to be paid by term or month.

Drama Club

Monday : 1pm-2pm  (Ages 0-5 years)

Through the use of arts & crafts, movement, drama, music, messy play, games, storytelling, puppets & props; your little ones are in for a fantastic 7 weeks all based around an exciting theme.

They can even wear their fancy dress outfits to the class as well.

Parents with very young children can join in the fun to help your little one along.




Our very first theme - Tiny Tots Jungle Adventure Course with your very own Jungle Leader ‘Safari Steph’.

Starting on Monday 9th September.


£21 for one child (£3 per session)

£35 for siblings (£5 per session)

£40 for 3 siblings (£5.72 per session. Saving you £9 over the course)

Limited spaces available.

Book your place now by visiting our store.


Cheerleading classes with Fuzion Elite Cheer are held on a Saturday.

Mini: 5-8 years- 10am-11am £4 per class

Youth/junior: 9-14 years- 11am- 12:30pm £5.50 per class. 

16 years teaching experience with QTS Dance & UCC Cheer 1-5.

No registration fee. No uniform costs.

If you have an enquiry or would like to book a place on these classes, please contact Fuzion Elite directly-



Call: 07921331764

Fuzion Elite Cheerleading 

Dance classes are held on a Monday.

£3 per class to be paid by term or month.

Mini Movers - 4pm- 4:45pm (Ages 3-6)

The Dominoes - 5pm- 6pm (Ages 7-12)

Silver Steppers - 7.30pm - 8:30pm (13+)

Mini Movers

The emphasis will be on helping your children explore movement, creativity, technique, performance and musicality through a range of dance styles. Kick started with a fun warm-up, followed by exercise techniques, learning choreography and practicing their performances.

The Dominoes

This class is a mix of dance styles, perfect for introducing your children to a range of new performance styles & techniques. Styles covered; musical theatre, contemporary/lyrical, street/ hip-hop, jazz and commercial. Fun and encouraging lessons, with plenty of performance opportunities.

Silver Steppers

Covering a range of styles such as; Jazz, street, salsa, musical theatre, lyrical and commercial.

Dance Classes

Classes are held on a Thursday. 

5:15 pm - 6:15 pm - Ages 8+

Students will learn all about the difference between acting in theatre and acting in TV & Film. They will break down scripts, use their imaginations and take on different characters. Students will also have the chance to create and direct their own pieces of theatre, which will develop their creative ability, leadership skills and problem solving skills. They will also learn all about acting practitioners that are introduced at GCSE level. £3 per class to be paid by term or month.

Acting & Directing 

Classes are held on a Thursday.

6.30 pm - 7.30 pm (Ages 8+)

Our students will improve their range, pitch, breath control, diction and posture whilst looking at a variety of styles.

They will also learn about dynamics, harmonies, vocal health and techniques.

£3 per class to be paid by term or month.

Please contact us if you would like to book private sessions.

Vocal Coaching

OneVision School Of Arts LTD 

Company number 11644526